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Masquerade Parties 2018 Feb 08

Masquerade parties started as a part of celebrations in Europe during the 15th century. Thereafter the French royalties took it up for their self-indulgent private celebrations like parties and marriage celebrations. Later they were brought to more popular and populous venues like carnivals and other celebrations. These parties have passed through innumerable stages of popularity and ban. However, it remains a grand public entertainment till date.

Some of these parties were notorious for their debauchery and wantonness since the masks provided enough cover for such activities. There were even crimes committed during the masquerade parties and it had set many people against such events and parties. All the same, the masquerade parties have overcome these obstructions at various periods to resume as an accepted colourful public carnival event...… read more

The Spectacular Carnival of Venice, Italy 2017 Feb 13

The two weeks ending with the Ash Wednesday is the time for extensive celebration and entertainment all over the world. But the Venetian carnival is iconic in all aspects. It is a fusion event that blends tradition, culture and merrymaking. This annual event is rated as one of the top 10 carnivals of the world.

Venetian carnival is a real experience for visitors. The streets will be bursting at the seams with masked and costumed revelers. The carnival of Venice is not a single event. The 10 days of festivities include many other breathtaking events...… read more

Mardi Gras Party Ideas 2017 Feb 08

Mardi Gras or ‘Fat Tuesday’ is a celebration that livens up the season after Christmas. It is celebrated on the previous day of Ash Wednesday. The lent-period of 40 days starts on Ash Wednesday. Thereafter consumption of meat is prohibited in Christianity. So the Tuesday happens to be the last day for binge eating and revelry for a long time.

So together with eating and drinking people began to have a day for general merriment. Mardi Gras carnival thus became popular in many parts of the world. The spectacular parades with dressed up participants and fantabulous floats became the in-thing on Mardi Gras...… read more

18 Days of Enchantment in Venice – 2017 2016 Nov 28

Venice is the land of magnificent carnivals. The Venetian masquerade is known for its mysterious nature and the element of surprise waiting for you at every bend. You can visit Venice in February and experience a series of masquerade parties.

The masquerade events of 2017 start on 11th February and goes on to the 28th.Thesemagnificent Venetian affairs are held in various palaces and hotels. They offer innumerable surprises to the partying crowd. Youmaymeet Casanovahimself during these masquerades. The gastronomy is fabulous during this period in Venice. You get to taste some of the exotic wines of Italy during the wine tasting events in the parties... … read more

Carnival masks 2016 Mar 23

This is the most popular mask. It is worn to project a gentle manly and heroic character.

The mask is usually white, worn with a black hat. This whole face mask is with a beak like extension at the chin. This enables you to talk, eat and drink.

This is a typical male carnival mask.


This is also a man’s mask with an extension at the chin.

This is a white mask worn with a long cloak.

This mask can be worn for any party and your identity will be unrevealed while chatting and mingling with the people you like.


This is a pretty womanly mask. This projects a high born lady image.


This is a full mask which is heavily decorated in gold and silver. The mask has all the facial features intact.


You can wear this for partying and carnival...… read more


Types of Venetian Masks 2016 Mar 23

Masks and masquerades are a part of Venetian life from time immemorial. When and why they started wearing masks is a matter which is subjected to speculations. But the masks were worn by the venetians from time of the great Republic.

Venetians enjoyed a high standard of living from ancient times. Trade and commerce flourished in Venice giving each of its citizens its great benefits. The masks were worn on a daily basis. May be there was a need to maintain anonymity while transactions conducted in a very small place. So the masks were worn so that anybody can go about meeting anyone without revealing their identity and more importantly their social status.

This gave an equal footing to everyone and an equal chance of success to every Venetian. But as everything else, this practice began to deteriorate and deviate from its actual purpose. People found it fit to engage in not-so-innocent activities wearing masks. As a result, society began to get corrupted. People began to be engaged in gambling and other clandestine activities. So the masks were banned in Venice in the 13th century.… read more

Venetian Masks 2015 Jun 18

Venetian Masks

Venice is the venue for the world famous carnival and the Venetian masks are the much celebrated component of the carnival. The masks are made by the world renowned maskers who have inherited the techniques and expertise from their ancestors. The age-old art is preserved with its entire splendor by the present day maestros . . .… read more

Enjoy the Complete Freedom Offered by a Magnificent Venetian Mask 2015 Feb 05

Carnivals are occasions for merrymaking and enjoyment. To be curbed by any kind of restrictions will spoil the fun. This is where a Venetian mask comes in handy. Veiled by the anonymity provided by these masks, you can take advantage of the carnival ambience to the maximum.

There is a plethora of Venetian masks to choose from. You may choose the one that serves your purpose. You can either wear a Venetian full face mask, thus hiding your personality completely or wear a Venetian half-face mask that leaves the on lookers in doubt and confusion as to your identity … read more

Types of Theatrical Masks 2014 Sep 03

Today, Venetian masks are mostly just fashion accessories that we put on during a masquerade themed party or fancy dress event. Traditionally speaking, these masks come with a rich historical significance especially in Italian theatre where they were used to represent different characters on stage.

Most people tend to confuse Venetian masquerade masks used in carnivals with the masks that are used in theatre. Also known as Commedia Dell’Arte masks, the theatrical variants were employed to exhibit specific traits in a character … read more

Top Carnival Destinations in the World 2014 Sep 03

Carnival, Mardi Gras, or Fat Tuesday; whatever you choose to call it, the last day before the start of Lent, the 40 days of repentance is famous to bring out the wild side of millions of people all over the world. In fact, in many countries, locals are known to spend over a month taking to the streets, parading, donning Venetian masks, and partying late into the wee hours of the morning.

Venice, Rio and New Orleans are just some of the many popular destinations in the world that tempt you to put your masks for masquerade balls and have some sinful fun! … read more

Venetian Masks that Make Heads Turn! 2014 Sep 03

Traditionally, Venetian masks were used to protect the identities of the wearer in ancient Rome. Today, they have become somewhat of a style statement where guests of carnival celebrations around the world don some of the most unique styles that are fragrant with style and elegance.

Most Venetian masks are made out of clay. But, you may also find some great ones in papier-mâché, complete with vibrant hues and diamantes’ and other … read more

How to Choose a Versatile Masquerade Mask 2014 Sep 03

Masquerade parties are becoming an increasingly popular theme with people of all ages. Whether you are celebrating a wedding, a graduation, a housewarming or you simply wish to bring the splendor of Mardi Gras to your party, this theme is an appealing one.

A major element that is synonymous to masquerade parties are the exquisite masks that adorn the faces of your guests. The next time you are hosting or being invited to carnival themed party, make sure you have got your look like.

With a myriad of different styles to choose from, from full face feather masks to those in various colors that only cover your eyes, selecting one that complements your outfit and facial structure is important. … read more

Venetian masquerade masksmasquerade masks on a stick 2014 Sep 03

If you are a host to a masquerade party and are determined to add mystery and enthusiasm to your special day, then it's quite natural for you to want to be perfect with all the planning pertaining the decor and costumes. Nevertheless, this can be sorted out with a little bit of creativity with respect to your to party decorations. Venetian masquerade masks make for an exciting element to your party décor.

However, while planning the party and its décor, make sure that you stay inside your budget so that you can … read more

Venetian masks for womenmasquerade masks for women 2014 Sep 03

Venetian masks for women are best known for their style statement that has unique suave and elegance. Although these masks are popular today during carnival celebration all around the world; traditionally these originated as a part of a custom in ancient Rome, where these masks were used to protect the identities of the wearer.

Masquerade ball parties have come to become somewhat of a trend among people from all the age groups. Masquerade themed Graduation parties, weddings or even housewarming ceremonies make for exciting occasions. … read more

Black and White Masquerade Masks Objects of Contemporary Allure 2014 Sep 03

Man has never been content with living a mundane existence. No wonder, events like carnivals, balls, parties, galas and masquerades have been such an important part of history. These carnivals were not only known for their extravagance but also for their ensembles, costumes and of course the most famous element of all-masks. … read more

Venetian masquerade masks - It is all about choosing right 2014 Sep 03

Venetian masquerade masks transport you back into a world of brave knights and pretty damsels who were almost always in distress. These masks reignite those long-forgotten memories of magnificent balls and slivers of caviar in silver platters. Perhaps, nostalgia is one of the reasons that have rekindled the popularity of masquerade balls … read more

Venetian Masks - The face of love, life and art 2014 Sep 03

In use since the early 12th century, Venetian masks were the people’s answer to the rigid class structure that existed in Europe; a way for lovers to unite, for partners to be promiscuous, for homosexuals to unite in a societal structure that equalled them with demons and women to dress boldly.

In a wealthy Venice where money flowed free like the water through its canals, pleasures of life were easier to come by than freedom and this included the freedom of thought and its expression. The mask also came to be used to strike secret business deals and to carry out spy work. With Venetians ‘masking’ their lives completely, it came to be worn every day becoming their “anonymous chat ID”, if you will. … read more

Add Fun to Dressing up This Halloween 2014 Sep 03

It is October and is time again to start planning your perfect costume for Halloween. Halloween costumes are conventionally reproduced taking influences from supernatural figures such as ghosts, devils, monsters, skeletons and witches. The idea behind dressing up in costumes at parties is to portray frightening creatures.

Dressing up in fancy attire and going ‘guising’ was widespread in Ireland and Scotland at Halloween by the late 19th century. Costuming then became popular for Halloween parties in the US in the early 20th century among adults as well as children. … read more

How to Make Your Own Venetian Mask 2014 Sep 03

Venetian masks can be used during many occasions and are easily found in many costume stores.

But if you have a creative instinct of your own, why not consider personalizing your mask by making one on your own? By decorating your own mask, you can customize it in a way that it perfectly complements your home or your outfit depending on its eventual function.

You can make a large range of fantastic luxury Venetian masquerade ball masks for men and women that help you stand out from the crowd at masquerade masked ball wedding, theatre event or a fancy dress party.

If you wish to create your own personal masquerade masks, you may require some materials that are imperative and are specific to making a mask and others that are just required to add creativity to your craft. … read more

Best markets to buy Venetian Masquerade Masks 2014 Sep 03

A mix of low-end trinket stores and middle-market to-upscale boutiques line the narrow zigzagging streets of tourist towns and cities all over the world. If you are looking to buy masks especially, you will find that they can be easily found among many cultures. Masks were earlier used as a piece of traditional art and have now been used as a fashion accessory and ideal for home décor.

If you are hunting for some travel trinkets for your home or your wardrobe in the form of masks, here is where you can find … read more

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